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What is Your Leadership Edge?

Your Leadership Edge is a subscription to content, videos, articles, video chats, and trainings all designed to help you lead better. Anytime. Anywhere.

Most leadership training programs focus on leadership as a position—in order to act, you must first be in a position that gives you that authorization. Instead, YLE invites people of all levels to lead from their current positions—whether you’re a CEO or a new intern.

We believe leadership is an activity. It’s something you can do, learn, practice and improve.

Most organizations are full of people just waiting to do something. YLE gives you the tools so you can start leading more today.

We will equip you to:

  • Make better decisions and anticipate problems before they escalate.
  • Know how your strengths, vulnerabilities and triggers stop you from moving forward.
  • Help others take hold of leadership so you don’t have to do this all on your own.
  • Take smart risks as you work to affect change.

Let us equip you with the necessary skills to move forward faster.

Who is Your Leadership Edge for?

Anyone who knows there is a better way, but needs a concrete plan to move forward, including:

Men and women who want to succeed in their work and maximize the full potential of their team, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Middle Managers
Expectations of others are pressing in on all sides. We see your juggling act and want to help you feel more empowered to take action and energize others to own the work.

Emerging Leaders
You have a vision to take a greater role in your organization and the desire to get there. Now you just need the tools to be more effective.

Teachers, Coaches, Consultants
You spend your days with all eyes on you, wanting to empower others to lead. We’re here to give you a few ideas to add to your repertoire.

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  • Your Leadership Edge was a valuable tool to help me put KLC principles into action on a weekly basis. Spending time with the YLE web community provided a comfortable, yet real-world learning lab for me.

    Elaine Bernstorf

    Professor Wichita State University

  • Access to the YLE portal has accelerated our development of a shared leadership language and increased our awareness of the adaptive challenges we and our students face on a daily basis.

    Corey Mohn

    Executive Director Blue Valley CAPS

  • The training and development that I received through the Your Leadership Edge (YLE) program has transformed how I approach the management of programs and projects, people and processes. YLE’s adaptive leadership principles enable leaders spanning all stages of their careers to deepen their leadership wisdom, and to scale best practices throughout an organization.

    Allan T. Grohe Jr.

    Knowledge Manager Silicon Valley Technical Support Organization

  • Being able to talk with others who are working on the same leadership principles has been a valuable experience. I enjoy when others share examples from various industries and departments so I can experiment with my challenges in a new way. The one hour, facilitated YLE format allows me to intentionally schedule inspiration and encouragement into my busy day.

    Michelle Eastman

    VP, Marketing and Communications Rainbows United