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What is Your Leadership Edge?

Your Leadership Edge is a subscription to leadership training which packages dynamic tools, high quality and interactive content accessible from anywhere.

Leadership that produces results doesn’t just happen. It’s a skill you learn, develop, and can use everyday in your business or organization – no matter what your title or position.

Your Leadership Edge packages proven leadership skills into an easy-to-understand framework that gives you confidence to lead in any situation.

Over the last decade, thousands of people worldwide have used this leadership framework to find their edge in their businesses, organizations, faith communities, and lives. Now it’s your turn.

By using Your Leadership Edge you will:

  • Enhance your problem-solving capacity.
  • See complex leadership situations with more clarity.
  • Make better decisions and anticipate problems before they get out of hand.
  • Identify what is keeping you from moving forward.
  • Learn to turn conflict and discomfort in to fuel to drive lasting change.

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Your Leadership Edge provides the highest quality experience at the best value.

With access to top notch content, highly skilled teachers, and clear and immediate application, you lead better in any situation.

Similar leadership training can cost 10x more.

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  • Your Leadership Edge was a valuable tool to help me put KLC principles into action on a weekly basis. Spending time with the YLE web community provided a comfortable, yet real-world learning lab for me.

    Elaine Bernstorf

    Professor Wichita State University

  • Access to the YLE portal has accelerated our development of a shared leadership language and increased our awareness of the adaptive challenges we and our students face on a daily basis.

    Corey Mohn

    Executive Director Blue Valley CAPS

  • The training and development that I received through the Your Leadership Edge (YLE) program has transformed how I approach the management of programs and projects, people and processes. YLE’s adaptive leadership principles enable leaders spanning all stages of their careers to deepen their leadership wisdom, and to scale best practices throughout an organization.

    Allan T. Grohe Jr.

    Knowledge Manager Silicon Valley Technical Support Organization

  • Being able to talk with others who are working on the same leadership principles has been a valuable experience. I enjoy when others share examples from various industries and departments so I can experiment with my challenges in a new way. The one hour, facilitated YLE format allows me to intentionally schedule inspiration and encouragement into my busy day.

    Michelle Eastman

    VP, Marketing and Communications Rainbows United