Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Your Leadership Edge” and why should I trust your leadership advice?
Your Leadership Edge is a product of the Kansas Leadership Center. KLC has 10 years of leadership development experience and trains thousands of people worldwide each year. Working with countless organizations big and small from Fortune 500 to mom and pop shops, KLC knows what it takes to build leadership capacity in any context. Your Leadership Edge packs all of Kansas Leadership Center’s leadership content and expertise into the Your Leadership Edge platform so you can access leadership development from anywhere, at any time.

Who should subscribe to YLE?
We believe quality leadership development should be available for anyone, regardless of title. YLE is designed for anyone who knows there is a better way but needs a plan to move forward. YLE is for executives who know the weight of the tough decisions they make daily. It’s for middle managers who face tension from both above and below. It’s for emerging leaders who know there’s a better way but need the tools to get there. YLE is also a valuable tool for coaches, consultants and teachers who want to equip others to lead.

How much is a subscription?
$200 per person per year or $20 per person per month.

How long does the subscription last?
Subscriptions are for 12 months or on a monthly basis depending upon the plan you choose. You can also renew to keep learning as we add new content and courses.

What if I want to cancel?
If you are unsatisfied with your subscription within the first month, you can cancel your subscription for a full refund. We hate to see you go but would really want your feedback on how to improve your experience.

Is there a group rate?
We’re glad you asked. It’s $175 for groups of 5-99 or $150 for groups of 100 or more. Shoot Sales Team an email at or call sales at (316) 712-4950 and we'll set you up!

What does a subscription include?
Over 160 pieces of content including videos, short stories, cartoons and more from our content library. There are also 25 different video chats offered multiple times a year that can lead toward a certificate. And, access to a one-day workshop offered in Wichita that offers a more thorough look at our leadership teachings.

Is there a certification?
Yes! The Your Leadership Edge Certificate is a self-paced program in which you engage with the heart of the YLE Experience. Through a series of video chats, participants engage with resources designed to help you on your challenges and expose you to the YLE leadership principles and competencies. The certification does not count toward formal CEUs.

What the heck are video chats?
These aren’t your grandpa’s webinars of yesteryear. These are interactive conversations and teachings with one of our leadership faculty. Each video chat focuses on one behavior of leadership and is all about helping you apply it to something you are working on right now.

What if the video chat times don’t work for me?
We offer 2-3 video chats a week to accommodate different schedules. However, if none of these work with your schedule, we recommend using one of our leadership pathways which walk you through our content so you can apply everything you are learning back to your own professional challenges. If you want to lobby us to add a time that works well for your schedule, let us know. If there’s enough nudging us for that time, we just might move things around.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?
You can always call or email our dear friend and co-worker—Sales Team if you need to troubleshoot problems, sign up your company or just want to shoot the breeze. Call or email anytime at (316) 712-4950 /